Sunday, 24 July 2011

How Adding SEO Content Can Boost Traffic to Your Website and Your Search Engine Page Ranking

You know how important link building, selecting the right meta tags and adding frequently-searched keywords on your website are to successful search engine optimization.

But did you know that one of the easiest - and inexpensive - ways to get your website higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN doesn't involve much technical expertise at all?  

Drive traffic to your website with this simple technique: Add fresh content to your website. Frequently adding new content to your site, along with other SEO services, is one of the most effective ways to increase your website's search engine rankings.  

Don't Make the SEO Mistake Many Websites Make  

Many website owners fail to add new content to their sites on a frequent basis, even after they've spent hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars designing their website. They mistakenly believe that once their website is up, their job is done. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is putting your website online - and then doing nothing else.   


Search engines love fresh content; they troll the Internet, looking for websites with updated content.  

And in the SEO world, content is king.  

Adding fresh content helps improve your search engine rankings. Search engines are always on the lookout for sites with updated content. Give them what they're looking for by regularly updating the content on your site.  

Can't write? No problem.  

Hire an SEO writer.

An SEO writer specializes in writing search-engine friendly website content that is polished, while adding the relevant keywords that customers are searching for online. SEO writers range in price, but you can often find SEO writer s online.   Or, ask your SEO company for a referral.

Many times, SEO companies hire freelance and in-house SEO writers to supplement their SEO services. Outsourcing your SEO content frees you up to focus on running your website.  

An SEO Writer will:

*Write search-engine friendly website content that's written so that search engines will find it.

*Weave your keywords smoothly into the text so that it sounds natural

*Write with your marketing goals in mind 

Outsourcing your SEO content frees you up to focus on running your website.  It doesn't take a lot of content, just enough to update your site at least once a week.

Adding blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, SEO articles and SEO press releases are cost-effective ways that an SEO writer can help drive traffic to your website.

Remember, the more you tweak the content on your site, the better. 

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